Friday, December 14, 2012

“Build magical gingerbread forest.” Check.

I gotta say that I am super proud that Kyle and I are actually doing stuff on our Christmas bucket list. I was really afraid I would totally fail at making a list of goals and then, you know, DOING THOSE THINGS (I mean, have you checked out my bucket list for this year? It’s not going so great.)

I was really taken by the December issue of Better Homes & Gardens (which I talk about on this blog so much, they should seriously start paying me). They had instructions for a gingerbread forest that were so inspiring that, despite my appalling baking skills, I actually went out and bought things like “meringue powder” and “molasses” and “eggs.” Okay, maybe I already had eggs. I took an absurd amount of pictures of this entire process from the mixing of ingredients to the rolling of dough and the baking and the cooling and the frosting. If you find this as fascinating as I did, you can check out my Instagram for a riveting play-by-play. You’re welcome, internet.


One of the best things about being married to Kyle (and there are a lot of best things) is his wonderful ability to play with me. He has zero qualms about becoming a kid again and that’s good news because he’s married to a super uptight crazy person who needs someone to balance her out.


This is obviously a very well-maintained magical gingerbread forest because they have licorice park benches where the Sour Patch Kids like to hang out and smoke gummy bears.


Or do magical licorice and snowcap mushrooms.


This is Francis. He is the love-child of Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. He has a LOT of medical problems.



Behold, the forest. I have to point out that the cobblestone pathway is constructed entirely out of gum and gingerbread bricks with frosting grout. It was the most fun thing to make.


My magazine inspiration. I have no idea how they made their tree seams so un-seam-like. But I seriously love, love, love B&G. Love.


Are you a gingerbread-making type person? Have you made any this year?

love, elizabeth


Ashley @ A Recipe for Sanity said...

That is so cool! I am jealous of your gingerbread house-making abilities. If I'd attempted that, it would not have looked anywhere close to the picture. Sounds like such a fun night!

Alex said...

I'm in awe of how AMAZING that looks! I've never actually made a gingerbread house. I feel so deprived now!

Janet Thimell said...

I like your gingerbread forest. I love your writing and your descriptions. Poor Francis. Not only does he have a lot of medical problems, his future doesn't look very bright either. But at least he is contributing to a precious scene!

Jennifer said...

I've been crossing things off my December Bucket List too - I'm beginning to feel accomplished. Though it's easy when the things are your list require drinking egg nog and sitting on your bum watching movies. (o:

I did a Gingerbread house with Tommy, but we did the pre-made ones. You've totally put me to shame with your homemade creations - trying to do it from scratch feels so intimidating.

I think your forest turned out awesome!

PS - I totally just started following you on Instagram. I'm slightly obsessed with that app!

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