Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas at Mirror Lake


Kyle and I have been busy crossing things off our Christmas bucket list and last night, we managed to sneak away with some hot chocolate and the camera to one of my favorite spots on the university campus, Mirror Lake. I love this place year-round but during the holidays, they light up the trees all around the water’s edge.  I’m so glad we did this. It was one of the things on the list that didn’t cost a thing and it was so peaceful and sweet to be just the two of us there in the dark and the cold. It will probably be my stand-out memory from this Christmas with Kyle.

Mirror4_zpse6bbac03 Mirror2_zps4abc8627 


As we head into the holiday, I hope you’re getting lots of quality time with the people you love.

love, love, love,


1 comment:

Alex said...

Merry merry Christmas to you dear friend! Enjoy this time :)

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