Thursday, December 20, 2012

Seeking a blog for the end of the world

So if you're reading this, it means that the cell towers haven't gone down yet or that the internet hasn't developed consciousness and turned on us or the zombies haven't completely chewed through the power lines or you're just super dedicated to reading my blog and so you set aside a personal generator and wifi network for just such an occasion.

As I write this, I am sitting in our living room, staring at the Christmas tree. These may be our final hours on earth and, glibly, I think, well, at least I never have to finish paying off my student loans.


Less glibly, I wish that I spent more of my days with the urgency I (secretly) have been feeling today. If this is it, if tomorrow is it, if the next is it, if ten years from now is it, will I have loved to my heart's capacity? Will I have lived with generosity, with compassion, with the knowledge of the grace that has been extended to me by God, by my family, by my friends, by all of you? Will I have lived a life worthy of the years I am given? Will I have made a difference?

Tonight, I am thankful that I will (probably) get a chance to love people bigger, live longer, stretch farther, be kinder, be wiser, listen harder, pray more. But if I don't...

Mom and Dad, I love you. Thanks for teaching me and loving me and giving me life. I'll see you in heaven.

Madigan, you're the best, bravest, sweetest puppy a girl could ask for.

Kyle, you are my heart. I'm glad we're spending our last hours on earth together.


Night, guys.

love, elizabeth



Liz Brown said...

Well, its about 14 minutes into the 21st, and no signs of the world's end yet. I think we have a chance. :)

Alex said...

Still here at 10:46! But, to be honest, I had the same thought about my student loans ;)

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