Tuesday, February 14, 2012

24 and 1/2

It’s February 14th, a day of great significance in our house. Not only is it a day celebrating love…it’s also my half-birthday, something that is still totally important to me because today I am 24 and 1/2, okay? Recognize.

And because February has a sense of humor, I am stuck in bed with a bad cold.

So while I may not be doing much of my favorite Valentine activities (cough, making out with Kyle, cough), my pajamas are celebrating for me…


Here’s my Valentine’s playlist in case you’re in the mood to be ushy-gushy with me.

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Today, please know that you are loved. How are you spending the holiday?

Happy Valentine’s Day!



Marina said...

Love your playlist! But cover your toes, you don't wan't to get sick even more!! :)

S. Donald said...

I have a bad cold, too, that's had me out of commission for a few days now. Since I couldn't get out to the store to get my hubby a valentine, I took a blank note card with hearts on it and wrote "I'm still nuts about you!" on it and wrapped a can of cashews we haven't opened yet in pretty paper to give to him. Can't wait till he gets home.....Feel Better Eizabeth and happy 1/2 birthday!

Alexandria said...

You're so cute and I love your playlist :) And I spent Valentine's Day at home with Craig enjoying a nice dinner! I hope you had a nice day!!

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