Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Giving It Up

Happy Leap Day, everybody! The next time we have one of these, hopefully I'll be Dr. Elizabeth...hopefully...well, hopefully, a lot of things will be different.

Jenni's post today inspired me and I'm thinking of making a radical change in my life this spring. For some of you, maybe this wouldn't be so radical or so difficult but for me, it kind of is. I'm thinking about giving up watching television. I've been realizing what a HUGE time-suck this is for me and I'm sort of hopefully dreaming about all the things I might accomplish without it.*

*Right now, somewhere in Colorado, my mother is breaking into a joyful aria.

I had to think about the terms of this for a little while and here's what I'm thinking...

- No television. The only exception will be news. Because I'm a news junkie and I'm waaaaay into the election coverage right now.

- I can still watch movies because, for whatever reason, I feel the need to plan movie-watching time. It feels a whole lot more deliberate to sit down and watch a feature length film for two hours. Consequently, I actually don't do this very much.

I'm going to start with a week. Can I go a week without it? And here's where the whole i'm-an-addict thing kicks in. But, Elizabeth, what about The Voice? Battle rounds are next week! You really, REALLY want to know what happens in the battle rounds! Sigh. You're right, TV-Junkie-Elizabeth. I really do. But can I live without it?

I can live without it.

Learning to live without is something that seems like an act of growth to me. It feels important to take something out of the equation so that other, better, healthier, more amazing things might happen. I imagine the outside world, a sweeping chasm of possibility in front of me and I think about how much I am confined by my television-watching habit.

So television and I are taking a break. And frankly, Hulu, it's not me, it's you.

Questions for you today...are you giving anything up, either for Lent or just because? What do you want to be different by the next Leap Day?

love, elizabeth


Karm said...

I love this. You can do it!!
I gave up coffee, soda and facebook.. haha so far so good.. and I actually haven't really noticed or wanted to have any since I started. Good luck to you!!

Alexandria said...

I have so much faith in you! You can so do it! I didn't give up anything, but I am trying to be healthier with my eating. I'm eating a grapefruit right now, so clearly I'm on my way. Right?

Emily said...

Good for you! I haven't had tv in 3 years and didn't even realize how much clearer my brain was without celebrity gossip, reality shows, and talent competitions. Yes, I look confused and out of loop when my students make a Jersey Shore reference, but all told, I'm much happier.

And in your case, anytime you can make your mother sing a joyful aria, you should definitely do it!

Charissa Steyn said...

That's awesome!! You are inspiring :)

Sarah said...

At one point I felt like I was watching too much TV, but after having a kid and blogging, not so much anymore lol.

- Sarah

Sheila Lynn said...

Great idea! Good luck with it! :)
I am still thinking of what to give up.. & by next leap year I want to have 2 little kiddies running around : )

Mrs. Pancakes said...

I'm giving up rice but I want to waver end of next month already because I'm going home for a long Visit and I know I am going to want to eat rice but the TV GIVE UP would be so hard but definitely doable!!

Med said...

If it's OK to say, perhaps don't think of it as giving up TV, but rather as taking up *something* whatever that is that you will be doing instead. It is, I found, well worth rationing TV hours, but the radio is a good friend. So as Joey said in Friends, if you don't have a TV, what does all your furniture point at???

Marina said...

That's brave! I watch way to much tv, but I just can't stop. I am addicted to watching CSI before going to bed :D And I love watching culinary shows on tv.. Well, maybe I will stop to watch all the other tv shows and watch just CSI in the evening..

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