Thursday, February 9, 2012


My maid of honor, Kate, is flying in tonight so we can spend the whole weekend being 14 again. Or maybe we'll be super sophisticated like this.

Knowing'll be a little A, a little B.

I can't WAIT to blog about it!

Thursday is almost half gone. How did THAT happen?

love, elizabeth


Elisabeth said...

have so much fun! i'm elisabeth and my best friend is kate as well ...and when we're together, its a little of both :)

Kate&Garrett said...

LOL!!! So just about the very first words out of my mouth to Garrett this morning when he asked if I was excited to see you (besides "DUH!!!" of course...) "I feel like I'm getting ready to go to one of our Girl's Ensemble sleepovers from back in the day!"

I've missed being 14 with you :)

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