Friday, February 17, 2012

Sunday Flowers

If I haven’t gushed over the Franklin Park Conservatory on this blog already, I must be on crack. Because this place is one of the very best things about Columbus.

Franklin Park is basically Ohio’s answer to the Denver Botanical Gardens. Denver still wins because…well, because it’s Denver and I’ll always be a Denver girl in my heart. All the same, FPC has so much going for it (things like adorable cafĂ©, free and easy parking, community garden, and cheap-o student memberships).








This place gave me the nature fix I’ve been craving this winter because even a mild winter in Ohio is still…well…a winter in Ohio.

What are you taking lots of pictures of these days?

love, elizabeth


toi said...

my baby girl :). i want to recall each moment.

Sush said...

I had to smile at the question...with all my sweet grandbebes it would have to be bebes! I need to journey out more and find some of nature's beauty...there's so much She has to offer~

Alivia said...

These photos are gorgeous! I've been happily snapping away at everything here in Florida on vacation-- a nice change from the snow and grayness of Boston!

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