Saturday, February 25, 2012

Celebrities I Would Totally Be Friends With

Ah, celebrities. That weirdly enigmatic, shockingly influential, yet absurdly tiny demographic of humans with mystical powers. The ability to make weird, ugly clothes appear hip and effortless, to make even the most mundane of tasks somehow fascinating… I know I sometimes stare at pictures in People and think, OMG, look, Angelina Jolie totally takes out the trash just like a normal person. OMG, I’m a normal person. It’s almost like Angelina Jolie could be my next-door neighbor because really, we’re both just two normal human beings. But then I have to ask myself, would it really be so rad to live next door to a celebrity? Would I actually really want to be friends with any of the people I watch on television or read about in Elle? Really? Are there famous people that I think might make really good friends? Yes. Yes, there are.

1. Emily Deschanel. Really funny and kind, seems to listen well, acts completely normal and fun in interviews, balances her new baby and career (something I aspire to), and just happens to play one of my favorite characters on television. Ever. I love that she has no problem looking silly or being vulnerable.

2. Michelle Obama. I just feel like she’s a woman that I could learn a great deal from. She’s so well-educated and poised and she has that inexplicable quality of all great first ladies, absolute grace under pressure. I love her passion for getting children and families physically active, her commitment to her daughters and the way she is able to both support her husband and hold him accountable, her amazing sense of humor and fun, and her classic sense of style. For me, she is the quintessential American woman.

3. Jon Stewart. Well-read, intelligent, thoughtful. We have similar politics but, like I want to be, I think Jon tries to really listen to opposing points of view and find value everywhere he looks. Also, he’s had the chance to interview some of the most influential leaders and writers of the 21st century and I think he would be really interesting. I Iove that he’s a family man. Also, a true New Yorker. The kind of friend I’d want to take me to see the Statue of Liberty.

4. Ryan Gosling. Okay, no one that reads my blog should be surprised. We all know that Ryan Gosling is already my platonic movie-husband. The truth is, though…I just think Ryan is great friend material, period. He’s very thoughtful and has a lot of humility. He has a heart for others and uses his celebrity for the Enough Project, an organization working to help end genocide in Uganda and the Congo. You can watch a video about that here. He doesn’t seem to let what others think change who he is. He loves his mom so much that he takes her as his date to almost everything (including the Oscars). He has a band. He wears footie pajamas. He respects women. He’s obsessed with his dog. Also, Kyle and I want to name our son Ryan so I appreciate that R.G. is living up to the name we have picked out for our future child by being, in general, so awesome.

5. Trey Parker and Matt Stone. I realize that Trey and Matt are not one person but I would really like to be friends with both of them. Simultaneously. And I would like to be around to watch them play off each other or come up with a new episode. Or just do Kyle and Cartman’s voices for half an hour. Whatever. Also, Trey and Matt are from Colorado which practically makes us best friends already. Because our souls are all Rocky Mountain sympatico and stuff.

What about you? Is there a famous person you’d actually want to be FRIENDS with?

love, elizabeth


Sara said...

Love all of these but I'd have to add Kate Middleton to my list!!

Nikskie said...

i love ryan gosling. and jennifer garner seems like a very down to earth celebrity and she only dresses to red carpet or when she's at work. she seems so real.

Alexandria said...

Can we both be friends with all of these folks together? There's one arm for each of us on Ryan ;)

menopausal mama said...

I would love to be friends with Johnny Depp! Just give me a chance to look into those deep brown eyes....Lol!!
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Sarahcastically said...

I want to be more than friends with Ryan Gosling.

Ronni @ Anywhere Is said...

I'd be friends with anyone who was cool. :)

Catherine said...

Cute post. I've always thought I could be friends with Whitney Port. (Random!)

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Mrs. Pancakes said...

Such a fun list...I would totally be friends with Angelina and Jennifer both:-) that's just the kind of person I am:-)

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