Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Ritual

Every time we finish a cycle of illness in our house (you know…the thing where Kyle gets sick and then I get sick and then we’re both sneezing buckets of snot, hacking up our lungs, stock-piling mountains of used tissue, and reaching desperately for another dose of Day-Quil), I have this ritual. It’s a little like an exorcism, but more cheerful.

The Howard Hughes in me imagines little cold-germies infesting our apartment. I freak out. And then I do this.


I scrub every conceivable surface with anti-bacterial wipes.


I replace our toothbrushes.


And our contact lens cases.


And our sheets and pillowcases.


I light a candle. And I thank God that head-colds don’t last forever.

love, elizabeth


Karm said...

what a great ritual... my sons are sick too, so I really need to clean the house up. (:
Hope you two feel better soon!

Jamie said...

Yes, its a good thing they dont last forever!

Ashley @ A Recipe for Sanity said...

I do this too! The remotes, the phones, my car...you name it!

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