Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dance Break

Today I’m feeling that first weird nostalgic feeling I get, right before the spring. I’ve said this before but I feel like all the best things that have happened to me, have happened in the spring. Kyle and I fell in love in the spring, we got married in the spring…and with the sun shining today, it almost feels like the winter is on its way out (cue blizzard?).

So in honor of the first stirrings of spring, here’s a song from our past. I borrowed this CD from Kyle when we were dating and they played this song as the processional at our wedding.

How are you feeling about spring? Is it almost here or a long way off for you? If you’re married, what music did they play at the end of the ceremony?

love, elizabeth

1 comment:

Rum-Punch Drunk said...

Hi Elizabeth
Spring? what on earth is that? As a youngster growing up in wonderful England we had 4 lovely seasons called, spring, summer, autumn and winter. Now we have 4 seasons but in 24 hours. So spring no longer exists in the way you see it. Shame though. Last night it was freezing cold as if snow would fall, today it rained like mad and was too cold followed by spring this evening. Oh how I love the unpredictable England.

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