Monday, June 11, 2012

Girl Confessions

Haven't done one of these in a couple weeks. Thought it was high time.

1. I was listening to an old mix tape in the car today and heard this. I forgot how epically awesome this song is. And how epically awesome Gwen Stefani was in No Doubt.

2. Had to have blood drawn this morning and I was kind of a baby about it. I hid it well (thank you, theatre degree) but it hurt more than I remembered it hurting last time. Is it possible I am getting less hard-core in my middle twenties?

3. Major girl confession: I just sucked it up and scheduled my annual exam with a brand new OBGYN. I have been putting this off for a few months because who seriously enjoys THAT visit? But my previous doctor was really terrible and I needed to go see someone new. I was a little nervous but then I remembered I'm a strong, grown woman and I can totally handle this. Right? Right. Girls, if you're not getting regualr pelvic and breast exams, just do it. Nothing more important than your health! Dudes, you need to go to the doctor, too.

3. I am now unashamedly addicted to America's Got Talent. I can't decide who I love more...Nick Cannon as host, the host of weirdos who think they can win a million dollars and a Las Vegas show, or the host of weirdos who totally CAN.  I have never seen more unusual and creative work. It's such a fantastic show and reminds me why I'm writing my dissertation on popular entertainment. Check out one of my favorite acts from this last week. This kid is so charming and polite. And what a VOICE.

4. I read a romance novel this weekend. There. I said it. And it may or may not have been about a Navy Seal who  has to be a bodyguard for a woman on the run.  And because she's special and different, she totally melts his bad-guy-snipering heart and there is passionate kissing  and he's all "you don't understand, I'm a KILLER, BELLA!" and she's all "I don't care! Drink my blood!" Whoops. Wrong book.  It was no 50 Shades of Grey but you know...what is? (disclaimer: this is not a recommendation)

5. I've been terrible about keeping up with blogs but expect to see much more of me now that I'm officially on summer hours!

Alright, lay it on me. What's your girl confession today?

love, elizabeth

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Mrs. White said...

My girl confession:

I'm totally all about the excitement of actually being employed again. Though it's still surreal since I don't start for another week and I haven't been employed in two years. And while I tell everyone that I've totally got this, inwardly I'm totally cringing that I'll be a horrible barista and will get fired just as quickly as I start. >.>

Amy said...

Ah I had to do my annual exam too, no fun! I've had to get blood drawn a few times recently, and I used to be a HUGE baby about it. So bad that when I was 21, my 6 year old sister would have to have her shots first because I would freak her out. But I think I can successfully say that I am getting better with it!

I LOVE your new layout! Maybe it's been up for a while and I'm just now seeing it, but it's so cute!


Janette said...

So I notice as I get older I tooootally am a bigger whimp when it comes to pain.. You think I would be the opposite.. But no. And yea, I second that whole thing about getting your secrets checked out regularly by a good OBGYN. I've never had a bad one thankfully! Health is important!

Janette the Jongleur

Amy said...

That song totally made me want to get up and strut my stuff. Love the beat. Totally forgot about No Doubt. Now I gotta YouTube all of their songs.

Amy said...
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Michelle said...

bathwater?! such a good song - i was obsessed during my younger years (also, i think it's great that you're giving your profits to charity)

Ashley @ A Recipe for Sanity said...

Seriously...finished the 50 Shades trilogy today. Le sigh. Not the great American novel but it did the trick.

And good for you for scheduling that appointment! It drives me MAD when women don't go on a regular basis for that appointment. I've known women in their twenties and younger who had some serious things come up for them and without that appointment...I shudder to think.

Ashley@MarriedLane said...

Major girl confession: I totally want to see the new movie Magic Mike (Channing Tatum AND Matthew Mcconaughey as strippers?! yes, please). So yeah there's that.

Emily said...

LOVE bathwater! and i love your charity sponsorship idea (you are too darn sweet!) and your layout! (haha obviously I'm really catching up on your latest posts, i'm so behind!) and ummmm i want a sweet potato plant in a jar now

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