Monday, June 4, 2012

A Wedding Six Years Ago

I’ve been staring at these pictures this week and carrying them around in my purse. Every time I look through the album, I feel like it’s still my wedding day. I can’t even believe it’s been six years. In honor of the day, I thought I’d share some photos. These were all taken by Jennifer and Rich at Candy Apple Photography. If you live in the Colorado area and are in the market for a photographer, I can’t recommend them enough.



Dad and I before the ceremony


Mama and me pinky-swearing we won’t cry…totally broke THAT promise.


Our vows…



A private moment after the ceremony. More than any picture, this one makes me feel like I’m there.


We got married in downtown Denver in an old converted warehouse/art gallery called the Walnut Foundry. Sadly, it’s no longer a public venue but we were so glad to have it at the time.



If we ever start a band, this will be the cover art for our first album.


I may or may not have accidentally bit Kyle’s finger about five seconds before this picture was taken. Oops?


Dirty Dancing 3: Hot Denver Nights.


Our last dance of the night to this song. Sarah picked it out.

Happy 6th Anniversary, Kyle Surname. I love you at least six times as much as I did then (which is a gosh darn awful lot, in case you were wondering). I think our 7th year is going to be the best one yet.

love, elizabeth


Michelle P said...

Such pretty pictures!

Amy said...

These are just too precious! I definitely agree with the album cover photo... Just need to record a few songs and you are good to go!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Awwww these are sooo looked
Like a princess....your last song was my wedding it!!!

Faith said...

beautiful pictures!

happy anniversary!

Rum-Punch Drunk said...

Happy Anniversary. It takes 2 to tango. I'm glad you've made it to 6 years as nowadays that is a record as many others have failed or given up as soon as they get to the first hurdle.

Those pictures are beautiful and remember your vows if ever you have a tiny thought of throwing in the towel. Continue to communicate and don't allow time for that old devil to get in between, spend quality time together and don't think for one moment that because you live in the same house that is time spent! build up friendships with people who are supportive of marriage as there are unmarried folk or divorced folk who may also want to come in between you, jealousy is a killer.
Trust one another always.

Anyway, before I start to ramble on like an old bird, all I need say again is CONGRATULATIONS.

Ashley @ A Recipe for Sanity said...

Happy happy HAPPY anniversary to you both! Those are such lovely look like a princess! :) I hope you both enjoy your day.

Jennifer said...

Happy Anniversary! Love seeing the pictures of your wedding day. Joy was oozing out of you both!

Charis said...

Oh my gosh, you guys look so young! Happy anniversary!

Nomali/Minenhle said...

Start that band already!! This looks like such a wonderful day. You look so sweet together, I can see the inside jokes.

Love from Jo'burg

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