Thursday, June 28, 2012

staring down my childhood

Yesterday was my second day in Colorado visiting my parents. One of the main purposes of my visit this summer is to go through my many belongings in storage and consolidate so that my mom and dad don’t have to drag my stuff with them when they move this year.

There’s something kind of a sadness digging through these boxes. Fortunately, I had Sarah around yesterday and she kept me laughing, reading diary entries aloud and drinking tea out of my extremely practical tea cups.


Sarah and I have been friends since 8th grade and sitting in my old bedroom, on bed sheets I bought in high school, reading old notes we passed each other, and finding trophies from summer camp and Avril Lavigne posters…it felt a little like time travel.


I don’t know why it’s painful exactly but it is. Sweet but ache-y.

Here are a few of my favorite things we uncovered. Things like my learner’s permit, my grandmother’s brooch, and one of my first love letters from Kyle…


What have you uncovered from your childhood?

love, elizabeth


Stephanie Pile said...

I love the jammie pies, I had one too, although mine is not nearly in as good of condition!

Stephanie Pile said...
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Liz Brown said...

Awww. For some reason this almost got me teary. I've never been super good at saving things ... I'm kind of a compulsive thrower-away ... but a year or so ago I came across some miraculous little memorabilia. It was like you said. Kind of like time travel.

Alex said...

Oh gosh I hated doing this when my mom moved. I'd always find notes I used to pass with girls who aren't my friend anymore. It made me so sad and nostalgic.

Karen Macklin said...

I have a box of keepsakes that I look at every now and then. I know that sweet achy feeling. I bet it was pretty special reading those old notes from Kyle.

Unpublished Life said...

I love your description of "sweet but ache-y" because that is exactly what it's like. I don't have any things from my childhood here with me in London and so whenever I go back to South Africa I always make a day for going through my childhood things and photo albums and scrap books etc... and it is bittersweet - good times, amazing memories, things we held so dear, things I can remember picking up and saying, I want to keep this to remember this moment or this experience.

Time shifts and its both good and bad, happy and sad ... love this post.

Thanks for sharing!

tandaschroeder said...

Stuffed animals, letters, photos, and lovely handmade jewelry that is absolutely hideous. But so special at the same time, right?

♥ xoxo.

New excited follower here!
we & serendipity

Mrs. Pancakes said...

The the cutest thing ever!! All sweet memories for sure! Mine are definitely my journals...I live for those:-) enjoy your time at home!!

Shoshanah said...

I definitely had that exact same key chain. Although with my name instead of yours. :)

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