Monday, June 25, 2012

Interview with Ashley from A Recipe for Sanity

Ashley Option 1


What adventure can you not wait to have?

The first thing that comes to my mind is becoming a mom. Ever since I was a little kid, I knew that I was put on this earth to be an awesome mom someday. The key word there is "someday". I am in NO RUSH to have a baby, much to my mother's disappointment. It's just one of those upcoming adventures that I look forward to the most.

What makes you feel brave?

Knowing all that I've overcome so far in life. Whenever I'm scared about something, I try to think of where I've been and what I've managed to get through so far. It reminds me that I can get through any situation, and it makes me feel brave.

What one thing would you if you felt even braver?

I'd probably do something adventurous like jump out of a plane or go zip lining. Or sing karaoke. That scares

Name three books that changed your life.

The Diary of Anne Frank - I try to read this every single year. Ever since my mother gave the book to me as a kid, I've been inspired by Anne's courage, her compassion, and her love for writing. I aspire to be someone half as amazing as who Anne Frank was, and her journey will always affect my life.

Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli- I adore this book. Stargirl is one of the most unique characters I've ever met in literature. She is a teenage girl who is not afraid to be herself, and while at one point everyone loves her for who she is, eventually they turn on her for being so different. Through it all she is true to herself and embraces exactly what makes her so beautiful and unique. I'd encourage everyone to read it if you haven't yet.

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold- This is such a sad book but it completely changed my view of heaven and of the afterlife. It's an amazing story about the grieving process and what it means to let go and move on of what once was. (You still need to read the book if you've only seen the movie!)

If you could pick three words to describe what you love about blogging, what would they be?

Creativity, self-expression, and connection.

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So what makes YOU feel brave?

love, elizabeth


Artha Arihta said...

i feel brave when my family and friends totally support me. I just feel nothing to worry about because if their loves to me :)

Ashley @ A Recipe for Sanity said...

Thanks for the shout out, Elizabeth! :) And I love the quote from me on the post! So cool. You're the best!

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