Sunday, June 24, 2012

Girl Confessions

Alright, Sunday. I have a confession to make…I have been trying to write this blog post in my head since yesterday and stuff’s just not flowing like it should.

1. My to-do list keeps getting longer without ever getting shorter. This does not speak well of my productivity or motivation.

2. Never watch Mad Men when you’re trying to fall asleep. Last night I dreamt about an ad campaign that combined perfume and eating by the pool that Betty Draper was somehow running. And then I turned into Betty Draper. Yeesh.

3. I’m nervous to be going home. I haven’t been back to Colorado since we moved out here and I am anxious about it. I’m nervous to see people. I want them to be proud of me, to think I’ve done well, that I haven’t let myself go or changed too much or not enough. I don’t know. It’s freaking me out a little.


4. I’m on a quest to like my hair again and trying really hard not to just be sad every time I look at how short it is. So I’m experimenting to find something to love about this haircut. Any tips?


5. I really need to be reading faster. My candidacy exam is going to be here faster than I can possibly imagine and I am so not ready.

6. My neighbor Melissa is moving to South Carolina in a few weeks and I am so freaking sad about that. I am reallyreallyreally going to miss her.


Also, she would be super mad if she knew I posted this picture. So…Melissa…if you’re reading this…hi.

7. I’ve had less desire to blog this month than normal. Maybe it’s the lack of stress I suddenly feel. Maybe it’s the lack of structure in my summer days. Maybe I’m feeling reluctant to be vulnerable lately. I’m looking for my spark. Maybe I’ll find it in Colorado somewhere.

So what’s your girl confession this week?

love, elizabeth

1 comment:

Faith said...

Hehe about your mad men dream. Reminds me that I have to watch it tonight :)

And I think once it gets warmer blogging isn't that enjoyable because no one really wants to be indoors on the computer. You'll get your mojo back, sometimes everyone needs a little break from blogging.

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