Saturday, June 23, 2012

how to pack a carry-on

Some of you might remember over spring break when I blogged about how to pack a suitcase. I had so much fun, I thought I’d try documenting my attempt to pack an airline carry-on for my upcoming trip to Colorado.



1. Wallet, thrifted.

2. TSA approved 1 quart zip bag with Pacifica Sandalwood solid perfume, calming lavender scent inhaler, Burt’s Bee’s lip balm, tinted lip gloss in coral and lipstick in temptress by Cover Girl, Panda Pear anti-bacterial hand gel and Wild Berry Tulips hand lotion from Bath & Body Works.

3. A lady can never be too prepared.

4. Paper tissues.

5. Asthma inhalers. (I might have forgotten this but Kyle reminded me that the High Park Fire is still going strong and the air quality in Loveland isn’t the greatest right now.)

6. Raspberry Emergen-C packet.

7. Pens.

8. My journal.

9. Travel book-light.

10. Cell phone.

11. Wintergreen chewing gum.

12. Eyeglasses case.

13. Sunglasses.

14. Unsuitable for Ladies: an anthology of women travelers by Jane Robinson. I just started this one but so far it’s wonderful.

Not pictured: travel-size contact solution and extra case. Camera (she’s shy).

So what am I missing? What is your indispensable travel purse item?

love, elizabeth


Sarah said...

phone charger! :)

Mindy, from My Life As said...

Depending on the flight time- yummy snacks!

Ashley @ A Recipe for Sanity said...

Someone else decorates their journals! I write quotations all over mine and I also name them. :)

Karen Macklin said...

I agree with Mindy... you need some snacks. I also always have fingernail clippers and a nail file. I can't stand it when my nails have that rough snaggy feeling. Also... thanks for the book recommendation.

Aspiring Kennedy said...

People behind you going through security will thank you for having all of your liquids bagged up and ready ahead of time. Phone chargers are always important, especially if you have unexpected delays. Also, if you are bringing a larger carry on, a change of clothes could be helpful. You never know if your suitcase is going to make it with you to your final destination. Enjoy Colorado!

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