Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Salty Caramels

Friday night, my friend Allison and I spent went downtown to the Columbus Arts Festival to hear the Salty Caramels play. I was pretty impressed with us. We managed to navigate the city bus system and find our way to the Scioto River Mile, which is probably  my new favorite stretch of Columbus. Total bonus: Allison let me take a bajillion pictures of her. She’s totally a blogger’s dream friend. AND gorgeous.







The Salty Caramels are a Columbus band that named themselves after an extremely popular flavor of Jeni’s ice cream (which I talk about so much on this blog you would think I invented it). Naturally, Allison and I stopped for some Jeni’s on the way to the show. You know…as a tribute.



There are so many things to love about The Salty Caramels. There’s the obvious one…their sound (which, as I have said before, is something like The Andrews Sisters + Grace Potter and the Nocturnals + The Ditty Bops + First Aid Kit + The Pippettes + Lucky Soul + Bob Dylan). And the fact that these three women all play multiple instruments (including the drums, guitar, bass, saw, glockenspiel, washboard, chains, and kazoo). And the whole adorable vintage fashion thing. And the fact that they sound at least as good live as they do on their record, if not better. Oh, yeah, and this concert knocked another thing off this year’s bucket list. Bam.



Oh, yeah…and then there was the whole…we got to meet them afterwards and they were really nice and let us get a picture with them thing…there’s that, too. Seriously, the nicest women. I hope their album explodes and gets tons of radio play and they get bigger than The Beatles but if that doesn’t happen, I’m still a lifelong fan.


See how I use their first names like I know them? Yeah. I’m a groupie like that. PS: You need to go listen to The Salty Caramels stat. Here’s an example of their awesomeness.

If this song doesn’t make you want to put on a sundress and dance around in your living room…well, then maybe you’re a dude.

love, elizabeth


Faith said...

Haha your last comment made me laugh out loud.

So fun! Looks like a great time!

Megan said...

Oh I have never heard of this band but am going to listen to that song now, love finding new music!

Ocean Dreams said...

Sounds like you had a blast and looks like it too! :) Will have to check them out.

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