Thursday, May 31, 2012

I plumb forgot

You know that sick feeling you get in your stomach when you suddenly realize that you were supposed to be somewhere fifteen minutes ago and you just…plumb forgot?

Today was my last class for my last required coursework as a PhD student and…I seriously forgot to go. Which was especially bad since I HAD A PRESENTATION TO GIVE. Fortunately for me, my husband is a superhero and literally leapt across the room, car keys in hand, yelling, “I’LL DRIVE YOU, I’LL DRIVE!” I made it in time to contribute to class and to look sufficiently sheepish.

*Forehead smack.*


Alright. Time to make me feel better! What was the last thing you just totally forgot to do?

love, elizabeth


Faith said...

That's the worst! That happens to me sometimes when I just fall asleep and I am awoken so quickly because I have forgotten to do something.

Alex said...

OMG. You were seriously checked out haha! It's ok, if it makes you feel better, I threw up during a final.


Amy said...

Forgot to do my job today. Got distracted reading The Devil Wears Prada and the Senior Associate Director caught me not working. Oops!

Hope your professor was forgiving!

ashley @ A Recipe for Sanity said...

This isn't the last thing I forgot, but in undergrad I confused the times for my final exam in Child Development and MISSED IT. I totally panicked and begged the professor to let me take the exam. He let me take a version of it, which was crazy hard, but I passed!

Casey said...

I forgot the last time that I forgot something..and that's just bad. I'm really great at forgetting.

Glad you made it!!

Jessa Belle said...

Agh! I hate that! I literally have such a fear of it that I have to scroll though my brain every morning just to make sure I didn't overlook something! Good thing Super-Hubby was there !

Love & Lollies... Jessa

Caked Vintage Blog

Anonymous said...

That's the worst! Sorry that happened. I'm really bad at remembering everyday things like where my phone/keys are. Oye. haha :) lovely blog, girl!

xo, Samantha

Laura Elizabeth said...

Ooh, that is the worst feeling!! Just that sick feeling in the base of your stomach. Oh I feel your pain!!!!!

I can't think of any recent particular time that I forgot something. Oh, actually yes! The last time I got that feeling was when I was running late to a comedy show. Made it there with moments to spare and was meeting some friends who were all waiting for me out. I went to collect my tickets. There were four tickets and then when I went to meet my friends... there were five people! I had this horrible feeling which must have shown all over my face because my friend Kristy quickly said "Emmy brought her own ticket, she doesn't need one". Phew!!

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