Saturday, May 12, 2012

10 Things I Got from My Mother

It’s Mother Day weekend and I wanted to talk about inheritance. I feel like as an adult woman I’m starting to come into my inheritance. And it’s not a material one. But the older I get, the more I see my mother in the mirror. My mom would say that’s a scary thought but I am so grateful for it. So in honor of her, I’ve made a list of ten things I’ve inherited that I just love. Thanks, Mama.


1. The way her eyes crinkle when she laughs so hard she cries. Bonus: When she and her twin sister Joanne are laughing at the same time. It’s kind of the best sound ever.

2. Her coffee spoon left on top of the sweet n’ lo packet. I do it now just to feel like I’m having coffee with Mom.


3. Her sense of adventure. Mom taught me that every little thing we do is just another thing to put in our “pocketful of experiences.” Every museum, every historical marker, every photo opportunity. I think she was preparing me to be a blogger before blogging was invented.

4. The way she welcomes people into her home. My mom always taught us to put others first, and guests in particular. There is no doubt in your mind when you walk into my parents’ home that you are loved and cared about.

5. Her love for Jesus. This should have been first on my list because it’s always the first on my mom’s. My mother is my personal spiritual giant (and my prayer warrior!)

6. Dancing in the kitchen. And the grocery store. And anywhere else public and embarrassing.

7. Her crushes on Paul McCartney and MacGyver.

8. The color red.

9. Her loyalty to her husband (with good reason because my dad is extra awesome).


10. Making stuffed animals talk. Like…a lot.

What about you? What inheritances have you received from your mother?

Happy Mother’s Day!

love, elizabeth


Everyday Love said...

Aw that's really cute!

Jenny in Ohio said...

how sweet! you look a lot like her.

No(dot dot)el said...

What a beautiful sweet post. I posted a very similar list. Reasons why I like my mom, not just because she's my mom. WE are blessed to have good mommas. And especially ones that love Jesus. That truly is most important.

Kelsey Higgins said...

This is so sweet!!! Your parents are dolls. :)

Jemima said...

Aww such a sweet, sweet post, you forgot to add good looks, you are the image of your mother!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Omg this makes me
Want to cry its so beautiful!! Thanks
For sharing this Elizabeth!

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