Saturday, May 5, 2012

that time I almost got squashed by Secret Service

I was on my feet for about six straight hours but it was so worth it. When President Obama was actually about 3 feet away from me, I seriously got squished by a massive Secret Service agent trying to get through the crowd. Which I consider my epic brush with history.


I took a picture of this lady’s face because it was just so striking in the crowd. I did not ask her permission so…I plead…rights of the free press?


This is what it looks like to be in shouting distance of the President of the United States. No big deal.



Bonus: the First Lady being her classy self.


Anyone gotten to meet a president before? I think that would be so cool to have that memory!

love, elizabeth


Faith said...

I think that is so incredible!! I've never had the opportunity, sadly. Hopefully one day!

Sarah said...

He came to American University when I was there (2008 election campaigning) and I went- standing in line in the cold haha. Really exciting. And then being in DC for him winning the election was something special, too.

Annie said...

I don't care much for politics or politicians, but Michelle Obama is pure class. What a great role model.

Tranae said...

Thats awesome. I'm so jealous.

Nomali/Minenhle said...

My word! This is incredible, one for the family record books. Maybe years from now when CNN or the BBC or somebody is producing a documentary on Mr Obama and his impact on people you'll be one of the old ladies recalling how when you were a wee young lassie you saw the Obamas. Went home and cried then wrote a blog post about it. Powerful.

Love from Jo'burg

Ashley said...

I'm jealous! My mom got to meet him in the fall and I am jealous of her too! Michelle is just so them both. Would love to see him in person someday. I am glad you got the chance!

Alex said...

Oh my god. OH MY GOD! This is AMAZING! You captured some AMAZING shots! You should see if you can send them to his campaign manager!

Megan said...

It really would be SO cool to meet a president. I'd love to meet George Bush!!

Laura Elizabeth said...

I'm absolutely DESPERATE to see the Queen!! My mum used to live in London and would see her all the time. Considering I live in Australia now, it's probably not going to happen but maybe one day.

Your pictures are gorgeous!! They look really professional considering the excitement and the atmosphere!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Never but
We did go to his inauguration And that was an experience! I went to a Hillary Clinton rally and that was a lot
Of fun:-) great pictures and memories!

Karm said...

OMG! That is amazing. I wouldn't mind being in that atmosphere. Where was this event?

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