Friday, May 11, 2012

Summers at North Market

I’ve seen lots about farmers’ markets making the rounds on my favorite blogs and well, I’m a band-wagoner at heart. No fiction here.

Here in Columbus we have one of my favorite year-round markets, the famed North Market in the heart of downtown. It’s full of restaurant and specialty food stalls, fresh flowers and gifts, and just generally creative, innovative people. But North Market is most awesome in the summer. The vegetables get brighter, the flowers get bloom-ier, and the market extends into an amazing outdoor farmer’s market for the warmer months.





Don’t you just love that smell of fresh bread and really good cheese and freshly cut flowers? Those smells are like summer to me.

So who else has been hitting the farmers’ markets? And has anyone ever had a BAD experienced at a farmer’s market? I’m super curious.

love, elizabeth


ashley @ A Recipe for Sanity said...

I love Farmer's Markets. We have a ton in Orlando, but I have one year-round favorite. What I especially love about it is getting to recognize all of the vendors that you see every the man and his wife who make homemade lemonade, or the people who sell cheeses. It's tons of fun!

Jenny in Ohio said...

I've been there! I had some awesome indian food....It's a fun place.

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